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Individual house plan

Did not find the model that suits your house plan? There is no reason to despair, we will design the house according to your wishes or make any changes to the standard house plan.

Two simple ways to start the design:

  1. Fill in the form and we will contact you for yourself:
  2. Call us and make an appointment at any time convenient for you by agreement, we are ready to meet you and weekday evening and on weekends.

Talk with the professionals will help you decide on your dreams and plans.


The pre-determined amount of projected works: you only need a foundation project or reconstruction of the roof (roof project), you will enjoy a house project in full, with all sections necessary for the construction. Prior to all work specialist company House Expert leaves on your site for photography, topography determination, studying the existing structures, favorable / unfavorable factors and features of the site, removing the pan, taking into account access roads and so on. Running surveying site drawing in * .dwg format (not included in the architectural design). Evaluation of initial situation: from project foundation to the roof project



Formation of the terms of reference (TOR)

Architectural design is the first and most important stage in the realization of your dream of your own home. Our architect will talk to you about what it is for the purposes you need a house (permanent or seasonal residence, features of operation, etc.). Based on your requirements formed the terms of reference (TOR) for the architectural design. Together with you, our expert will determine the material load-bearing structures at home, will help you choose the optimum, and advise in detail for each type of material.

Architectural design (AR)

No two houses are exactly alike, as well as two completely identical families. We are ready to develop a planning solution specifically for you and your family based on your requirements, preferences, habits and lifestyle. We offer you all the possible options and exterior home technology. You will only need to choose the one that best meets your expectations and status, it reflects your personality and style. After that, architects and designers will begin to develop the project.

The composition of the architectural project:

  • Blue plan;
  • Floor plans with the definition of the functional areas of the premises, schematic (approximately) arrangement of furniture and sanitary equipment;
  • Finishing the plan;
  • Facades;
  • The final three-dimensional model designed cottage;
  • Incisions (not less than two);
  • Roof plan;
  • Window Specification ;
  • Driving air ducts;
  • Boarding house on the plot.

Step 1.

Development plan of the future house based on the selected architecture. Fits all furniture and technical equipment at home according to the TOR and the proposed placement on the site of the house.


Step 2.

After the approval of our planning solution architect starts to develop the external appearance of the house. At this point, choose the type and specific decoration materials home decor items


Step 3.

3D modeling design decisions in the program 3Ds Max. Your home is presented in bulk form & ndash; computer sketch (format * .jpg)


Step 4.

Development of house plans documentation and boarding houses on the land-bound borders.



Our specialists will fit your home on the site, selecting the most effective location for it. We will bind the house to the site boundaries, information on the study of engineering and geological surveys on the site (if they do not, we will have them), and specify the location of geological boreholes, 

If necessary, at each stage of the project made the required corrections and additions, and the adjustment is carried out throughout the project documentation. We can also offer you a ready-made house plans. If desired, they can customize any plan your requirements. Either modify any project proposed by you.


Performed geotechnical investigations for the competent performance of the foundations of the project calculation (not included in the cost of the project).

The composition of the report:

  • Conclusion on engineering geological site conditions;
  • Physical and geographical conditions of the site;
  • Geological structure and hydrogeological conditions;
  • Physical and mechanical properties of soils;
  • Product engineering-geological workings;
  • Protocols and passports determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of the soil;
  • Chemical analysis of the soil;
  • Graphic applications;
  • Conclusions;

You can use surveys provided by the customer.

Constructive Solutions (СR)

Constructive Solutions section design, which presents the drawings and diagrams for the layout of plates and slabs, foundations, structures, etc. Abutment structural elements to each other, as well as the most complex assemblies Enlarge shown separately. This documentation is a guide to action for your home builders. 
Project Contents:         

  • Calculation of foundations and supporting structures;
  • Foundation plan;
  • Driving device overlap at elevation. 0.00. Specification;
  • Driving device overlap at elevation. + 3.300. Specification;
  • Driving device overlap at elevation. + 6.600. Specification;
  • Constructive solutions for device input groups;
  • Statement of jumpers;
  • The circuit device of the roof;
  • Nodes;
  • Section.

What will be the result of design?

As a result of the design you get in the hands of the working project documentation, which gives the necessary and sufficient information on the architectural and design issues for builders:

  • Architectural solutions (A3), including preliminary design and 3D model;
  • Constructive solutions (A3);
  • Protocol engineering and geological surveys on your site.
A complete set of design documentation depends on customer requirements and design features of the projected home.

It is important to know:

  • The house is a complex system of interconnected, so his design must be approached comprehensively and competently;
  • The absence of the project during construction could lead to tragic consequences;
  • With our help, you are guaranteed to be able to avoid problems such as incorrectly calculated the foundation can not stand the load bearing structures, lead to distortion and sagging home, violation of the integrity of the exterior and interior, cracking, moisture infiltration, structural collapse, and others.

And what's next? 

Upon completion of the architectural design, we are ready to prepare cost estimates for construction work for you. In the project of the foundation and the roof project at the design stage we lay economically viable solutions that will optimize the cost of construction. If you decide to order a complex home design and further construction of the group of companies House Expert we will give you additional discounts and bonuses. We proceed to the construction of the house at any time of the year advanced building technologies make it possible to do this. At your request, to develop and implement all kinds of design work: interior design project, landscaping and so on.

If you have any questions that you would like us to ask, you can use our contacts and contact us. Our experts are qualified to answer any voprosy.My carry out projects for all regions of Russia. Remote design, it's easier than you might imagine! Contact our consultant.

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